"Cleanliness is  next to godliness"
Hello everyone, This is Dr. Pintos Egesimba of Pintos' Preventive Medicine blog and I am here to talk about hygiene; personal hygiene. Hygiene is something we have all been taught from home, in social studies and home economics and even in more details for those who were members of the health and life planning clubs in their schools( P.S. I was a member). If we all are supposed to know so much about it, how come most people aren't very hygienic? And do they know that their low sense of hygiene could be responsible for current health problems and even future ones? I always like to define the topic so as to shed more light on it, Hygiene is defined as a CONDITION promoting sanitary practices. Personal hygiene is an individual's sanitary practices.  The WHO (World Health Organization) defines personal hygiene as conditions or practices that help maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. As an advocate for preventive medicine…


"The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul"…..Ralph Emerson. "The eyes are a jewel to the body"……Henry David Thoreau. "The eyes like sentinels occupy the highest place in the body"……Marcus Tillius Cicero. "My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected"……Anna M. Uhlich.

Good day everyone, Today we will be talking about eye care. A lot have been said about the eyes and this is because the eyes are essential organs in human beings. They are made up of complex parts that work together to give us the joy of sight. But our eyes are also delicate and which Is why we should take good care of them. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy eyes- DON'T'S:  Don't stare at the sun and other bright objects: This is a very important tip.Looking directly at bright lights and laser pointers can be harmful to your eyes. You can try to dimming TV screens and computer monitors too( I put mine at 65%, it is still bright en…


Hi, Everyone, My name is Dr. Pintos Egesimba (MBBS). I am a medical doctor with a passion for preventive medicine. They say "Prevention is better than cure" which is true. It is better to prevent an ailment from occurring than treating it. I am sure you are wondering what PREVENTIVE MEDICINE is. Preventive medicine is simply medical practices that are designed to avert and avoid diseases. Itfocuses on the health of individuals, communities and defined populations. Its GOAL is to protect , promote and maintain health and well-being and also to prevent disease ,disability and death. It is very important that practices and teachings on preventive medicine is known to you, the community and the world at large. Too many people focus on treatment and management of diseases but what if you could prevent the disease from happening or a current disease from getting worse, Wouldn’t you want that? I know, I would. For example, most cases of diabetes(type 2) can be prevented by a balanc…